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Things that will be important

Two new stories today that you should pay attention to...

One affects the world - Turning Dirty Coal Into Clean Energy

And the other affects you personally - Judge Rules on Legality of Web Surfing at Work

In other news, I personally find this one interesting...

Police Entry Case Heard in Supreme Court

and just for shits and giggles... I originally heard about this on the Drake and Zeke show, except they scoffed at his business idea. Apparently it wasn't just funny, it's also successful:

Living in the 'Star Trek' Universe -- For Real: Tony Alleyne loved the Star Trek universe so much, he wanted to live in it. So after a bitter breakup, he remodeled his condominium to look like the inside of the Starship Enterprise.
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i always wanted a place that was based on Gieger's spaceship from the first Alien movie. i guess that would be the guy to talk to....
Especially if you are fueled by "a bitter breakup".

You still visiting this summer?
still planning it, but it'll probably be later as my anticipated expenses have increased. maybe august-ish. i'll be fully recovered from the finacial damage she did in about three weeks and be better prepared to calculate the trip then.
You should plan to visit around the beginning of September. I'm going to be throwing myself a birthday party. =)
that sounds like a plan. what weekend should i shoot for?

and i wonder if he could do that to a 33foot cabin cruiser....

now that would be the SHIT.
The Steamship Enterprise, eh?
i sent him an e-mail about it. he was impressed with the idea (not only of the boat, says he'd never thought of it, but not getting trek or starwars was a relief he said. he's now into the idea of finding someone with a condo who'd let him do alien), but says he's got no idea how to refit a boat. and wished me luck in finding someone to do it. i think i will....
Well, nothing will be set in stone for quite some time... but I think Labor Day weekend would be a safe bet. =)